MobilityFund is an independent venture capital fund for European early-stage mobility start-ups. Our target sectors include connectivity, autonomy, shared mobility, electrification & mobility-related services (e.g. logistics and vehicles trading).


The fund's  geographical target markets are the EU and selected non-EU countries (incl. UK, Norway, Switzerland, Israel and the US).


MobilityFund invests in early stage start-ups, usually from late Seed to Series A financing rounds. At this stage start-ups have typically started marketing their products or services, and are generating first revenues and seeking further capital to scale. MobilityFund’s role is to act as the first institutional investor and the go-to venture firm for mobility start-ups.


MobilityFund creates value by supporting its portfolio companies with its capital, expertise, and network.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

"Transportation is poised to change more in the next decade than any time since the invention of the automobile." 

Goldman Sachs, September 2019